We spoke with owner Leah Morgan to find out what it’s really like to go on your first holiday with your newborn. We will be discussing all the tips and tricks which helped Leah along the way.

Interviewer (I): What inspired you to take your first baby on a foreign holiday?

Leah: Since the beginning of our relationship, Dean and I have been avid travellers, and we didn’t want having a baby to cause us to lose touch with that. I made sure to book our first holiday while I was pregnant to ensure we didn’t glaze over travelling once the baby arrived. Making memories as a new family is really important to us!

I: Can you share some tips for other new moms considering travelling abroad with their infants?

Leah: Stay calm—travelling with a baby isn’t as overwhelming as it seems. Here are some tips I would definitely recommend:

– Make lists of everything you’ll need.

– A travel buggy is essential. I found the Silver Cross Zest particularly useful because it fully reclines for naps.

Baby carriers are great for staying mobile. I used the Tula Linen Free to Grow carrier. The material is really lightweight and perfect for hot days.

– Embrace spontaneity and go with the flow—don’t over-plan.

If you’re not breastfeeding Ready-made formula is a lifesaver for traveling. Bring enough for the entire trip. 

– Opt for seats at the front or back of the plane for easier boarding and exiting.

– Don’t stress about other passengers if your baby gets fussy—focus on comforting them.

– Bring plenty of toys to keep your baby entertained, like fidget spinners and books.

– Schedule your flight during your baby’s usual nap time if possible.

– When booking a hotel, request a quiet room away from noise.

– Share parenting duties with your partner to ensure you both get some relaxation time.

– Consider booking an all-inclusive or half-board option for convenient on-site dining, especially during the day.

I: How did you prepare for the trip in terms of packing and planning for your baby’s needs?

Leah: In terms of preparing for the trip and packing, I focused mainly on making detailed lists. Here’s how I approached it:

– I aimed to pack efficiently without overpacking, focusing on essential clothing items. Remember you can always wash clothes while you are away!

– Ready-made formula bottles were a priority for feeding on the go.

– I included a Travel Milton sterilizer for bottles and dummies to ensure hygiene while travelling. I also had Milton wipes, which were handy for wiping down toys and dummies on the go.

– Sun hats are essential! 

– Swim nappies and a couple of UV Swim Sun Suits were essential. I popped Luca in a sun suit most days, as I knew he would be protected from the sun while out and about. 

– An all day sunscreen and a roll on sunscreen for top ups. I went with Soltan’s Kids range.

– A pop-up sun tent provided shade during the day by the pool.

– Our trusty travel buggy was a must-have.

– The rental car company organized an infant car seat, which was great as we could get out and explore.

I: What were some of the biggest challenges you faced while travelling with a baby in a foreign country?

Leah: We ran out of formula on the second last day, so had to go in search of some! Luckily we found the Spanish equivalent of the brand we used. But it was a bit stressful trying to find it! 

There was nothing else really! Everything was pretty straightforward 😊

I: Were there any unexpected moments or pleasant surprises during your trip that you’d like to share?

Leah: I was pleasantly surprised at how stress-free the trip was. Luca was so adaptable and thrived for the week. He loved being in the pool every day and hanging out with us. We also took him out to dinner with us every evening and he loved it. Dean and I still managed to relax on the holiday and recharge! 

I: How did you manage your baby’s sleep schedule and routines while travelling?

Leah: Managing Luca’s sleep schedule and routines while travelling was surprisingly easy for us. Instead of stressing over sticking to a strict schedule, we allowed Luca’s tiredness from daytime activities to guide his naps. Often, he would nap on the go without any issues.

While at home, Luca was used to sleeping in his next-to-me crib. However, the hotel provided a large cot that he wasn’t keen on. To ensure everyone got a good night’s rest, we opted for co-sleeping for the duration of the trip. Surprisingly, it worked out perfectly for us, allowing us all to sleep soundly and comfortably.

I: Did you find that the experience of travelling with your baby differed significantly from travelling solo or as a couple?

Leah: Yes and no. We still did lots of things that we normally would do on holidays as a couple- such as having cocktails, sitting by the pool, and going to nice restaurants. But obviously, you have a baby in tow! So you do need to go with the flow and not be too tied to plans in case the baby or you are tired! Overall though I really enjoyed being away as a family and will definitely be doing it again soon.

I: Finally, what advice would you give to other new parents who are nervous about taking their baby on a foreign holiday for the first time?

Leah: Just go for it! Don’t overthink it. The planning part is usually the most stressful but when you get there it’s so worth it! 

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